The Hacker

Hubo un tiempo en el que intenté crear una página de caps en inglés.
Son caps antiguas, con numerosos errores ortográficos y sintácticos. Pero no me importa presentarlas aquí tal y como las hice en esa época
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The Hacker

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I did not understand how it had happened. Had been spying on Martha for months. Knew perfectly when she was connected, from where and with what equipment. I had even managed to install the "body change" trojan on her pc. It had always been commented that there was no software capable of damaging the hardware, I had done it for years by speeding up the pc fan and forcing the processor. Now had a new challenge, take advantage the organoelectric abilities of our brain to hack it. And was not going to use hardware, I was going to use the calculating capabilities of my own brain to use it as a Trojan that would hack Marta's brain, control her body and steal her life. So dedicated myself to social engineering until I got Marta to install the trojan's server "change of body" on her pc.
I only had to connect my own brain to the network on the time that Marta accessing to Internet and then hack her brain through light and sound signals. So I did it.
From my research knew that Marta is connected with her pc to the Internet every Saturday at 5:30 PM. And at that time I connected too. And when I detected that the Trojan server installed on the Marta's PC was online, activated my neural connection.
For a second I noticed how my consciousness was becaming data, traveled by optical fiber and quickly settled on the neural hardware of his new operative unit.
I opened my eyes and found that I had succeeded in invading a body hundreds of miles away. I raised my new hands and saw they were small and they were handling a mouse. Scared, looked up tne screen and saw that my new body, the moment I invaded it, was playing dress up Disney's princesses in pink suits. A terrible mistake had happened. It was not in Marta's body, it was in the body of Marta's niece.
The idiot had let niece use her laptop to play games stupid online for little girls.
I immediately tried to reverse the processes and return to my body. But could not remember how to do it. I had the brain of an 8 year old girl and it did not matter my computer skills of more than 20 years of experience. In my new brain of only 8 years can not able to process and make functional that knowledge.
I just wanted to put that beautiful shoes on my doll and paint his eyes. It's getting harder for me to remember who am, I must hurry before it's too late. "But first of all I must put that pretty hat on my doll ....
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