The Painter

Hubo un tiempo en el que intenté crear una página de caps en inglés.
Son caps antiguas, con numerosos errores ortográficos y sintácticos. Pero no me importa presentarlas aquí tal y como las hice en esa época
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The Painter

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What a wonderful sensation of creation! That of making beauty, of painting.
Madeleine always had an ambitious girl. She was not accustomed to poverty, not to be recognized or admired. Madeleine was pretty but not beautiful, she also had no money, everything in her was too common. However, he did have a tremendous talent for painting. Her color sense was simply dazzling, her strokes energetic and innovative.
The first time I saw one of her paintings I was speechless, I was faced with the work of a real genius, someone who was able to show a personal universe that only she was able to see.
I imagined that someone capable of doing those pictures should have a sweeping personality, a calm mind and a humble spirit. I needed to meet her, so I searched for hours with the only illusion of being able to talk to her, and finally, when I found her, I was disillusioned. She was a soulless person, selfish and sad. Frustrated by her ambition, she seemed to suffer constantly and I realized she was not comfortable with herself.
She told me that her life was a disaster, that sometimes she thought of her suicide and that it was not worth painting because she would never become rich in that way and she would not be famous either. She continued to say that she envied me, that I had everything, belonged to one of the most influential families in the country and also had money to buy anything I wanted. It hurt me a lot to admire me for that, I had fame, money and power, but I had not got it with my hands, everything had come from my family. She, however, had the power of the gods, she was able to create beauty.

I asked for an appointment for a week later with the promise that I would fulfill all your wishes. And we quoted in his study exactly seven days later.
That week I dedicated to traveling to Switzerland to collect, from the safe of a Bern bank, the most precious jewel of my family and the origin of our fortune, the "rings of change"
Exactly seven days later I was in Madeleine's studio. It was a tiny but sunny room and Sophie was sitting there, stained with paint before an unfinished picture and with the same face of old anger.
I told her that I offered her my life, which she most desired, I offered her fame, money and power. For this we should just exchange and then I talked about the rings and their magical power to change bodies. Madeleine at first smiled and then laughed as she listened to my story, but seeing my serious and confident appearance convinced herself of the voracity of my story.
She looked me straight in the eyes and said, "Let's do it"
And we did it. She put a ring on a finger of her left hand and I did the same on mine. In a few seconds we had changed our bodies and I was sitting on a bench in front of a half-finished painting and I felt the smell and the touch of the paint on my face and in my hands. I looked at Madeleine who seemed absolutely happy, after touching her face the next thing she did was take my wallet from the inside pocket of the jacket and watch with open mouth my credit cards. She looked absolutely happy, she had achieved the great goal of her life. She took me by the hand, which I felt so fragile and removed the ring from my finger, while saying "this is my family's property, so I take it" Not even said goodbye, left slamming the door while shouting that he hated The painting and that never again would know of her.
I did not care, I had been the most benefited, by some useless material goods had achieved immortality. Now I was a goddess and I started to do what the gods do. I took the brush and continued the work where Madeleine had left it. I felt, for the first time in my life, how the inspiration came and my mind filled with wonderful images and my eyes of colors as the brush ran through the canvas carried by my fingers so thin.
It was the happiest day of my life and the beginning of my career as an artist.
I, Madeleine the painter, was a happy woman.
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