The Salesman

Holly Dunn ha sido desde hace mucho tiempo uno de los grandes creadores de comics bodyswap..
Su página "Who need frehand? con Icolan es uno de los grandes referentes del comic TG
Aquí le dedico un pequeño homenaje
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The Salesman

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Presento una de las grandes obras de Holly Dunn.
The Salesman es un comic largo, consta de 10 partes y yo lo entrego completo comprimido en un archivo rar y en formato pdf

The Salesman.jpg

Url de descarga: ... FLcE-Zsha0
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Amelia Cook was apparently so triggered by the ugly women thing that she dropped Laughing Salesman down to the bottom of her recommendations. Thanks to that, Laughing Salesman is below a show called Twin Angel Break crossdressing moe magical girl? show with 12 year olds in idol stripper outfits, and just above Tsugumomo. Its a show where a magical girlfriend appears from the sash of the protagonists dead mom after he masturbates to its smell for a couple years. Also his older sister wants to rape him because its a harem show.
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